How to get more crop in Redgram - Gowdappa
Krishikannada Team
Please go to and select crop as red gram in advance search and hit search button. You will have three files. Hope they will be useful.

Harish B S
For better and higher yields practice the following 1. Once in 15 days go for foliar spray with water soluble 19-19-19 2. At flowering use LIBREL (Micronutrient) @ 2 ml/Ltr as foliar spray 3. 15 days after LIBREl spray go for Solubor @ 1 gram/Ltr as foliar spray as it induces more female flowers, better pollination and seed set 4. Before flower go for pinching of branches for enhanced flowering and yield 6. Use Pheromone traps @ 6 per/acre to reduce the damage by pod borer 7. Use ha NPV @ 1 ml/Ltr (200 ml/acre) 20 days after flowering 8. Once in a month if possible drench with humic acid @ 1ml/ltr For more info call me at 09480557634

Lakshmish KM
Sir,if water is available go for transplanting instead of direct sowing. It gives higher yield.