Hi Krishi Kannada, First of all congratulations for running \"krishi Kannada\" it is really a good platform to share knowledge. I am a software professional and bit new to agriculture we have bought agriculture land last year and growing banana plants and other seasonal crops. I want to know if there are (mostly it should be)any magazines dedicated to farmers or agriculture information?. may be weekly/fortnightly/monthly, i want to subscribe to those magazines. Preferably in kannada. please suggest -Arun
Krishikannada Team
There are many good farm journals in Kannada 1) Adike Patrike - for subscription 2) Sujatha Sanchike 3) Agricultural supplements in various dailies 4) Sahaja Saguvali 5) Siri Samruddhi etc You can go to \'Information Search- Source \" in Krishikannada and find out different magazines and dailies that we have included.