I have a few varieties of indian gooseberry trees.Why except one all other trees fail to convert flowers in to fruits?- Jayaprakash Alve
Krishikannada Team
The problem could be in pollination. Apparently, these plants are pollinated by insects, more specifically, bees. Since they tend to grow more in higher elevations, that may cut down the amount of time the bees have on a daily basis to do the pollination, because they are more active in warmer weather. The flowers of the gooseberry are hermaphrodites, meaning there are both male and female organs on each flowers. There is some self-pollination, but the fruit of self-pollination drops easily at the time of ripening, which could mean the fruit was falling off before it became mature. Have you observed small immature fruits on the ground beneath your gooseberries? The plants obviously get a higher level of fruiting when the pollinators are present; however, there are some problems with that. One problem is if the gooseberries are not located in an area with an abundance of flowering plants, the bees may not be attracted to the area. Another problem is the increasing shortage of bees in the environment. Many factors have contributed to this shortage, and it is still something of a mystery, but loss of habitat and spraying of pesticides are two of the most likely suspects. Have you observed bees working in the area of your gooseberry bushes during the flowering period ? One other consideration is theft by birds and small animals, all of which find the fruits of this plant very attractive. If you are not where you can observe your plants during different parts of the day, that could be what is happening.

Harish B S
1. Generally amla is a dry land/arid crop 2. There is self -incompatability which means there will be varietal mixtures in a cropped area for pollination and fruit set 3. Stigma is receptive only for 36 hours after flower opening, which means pollination must take place within 36 hours. Ensure bee population during flowering by keeping few honey bee colonies + sufficient food for bees in the form of sugar solution 5. All varieties must flower simultaneously then only proper pollination takes place 6. Try pruning few branches during November 7. Give moisture stress before flowering season For more info call me @ 9480557634