Many times, The seeds available/purchased from the market/Govt authorised Nurserys or any reputed companies have very low germination or sometimes no sign of germination at all. Eventhough on the tag they mentioned about percentage of germination, date of packing and expiry details. wheather they really conduct germination tests before packing. Is there any strict guidelines/rules to follow for these things to avoid problems after sowing and to saves our farmer lives. If this is the case, How to get compensation from consumer court - Thejamurthy H R
Krishikannada Team
It is mandatory to mention all details including germination % on the pack. The companies do conduct these studies before. However, in case of severe loss in germination you can sue in the court. But before going to the court, it is better you bring it to the notice of the company and they may consider and give compensation.

Yes sir. The seed testing process in government universities is according to ISTA (INTERNATIONAL SEED TESTING AGENCY). All the tests are conducted before release. Tags are given by Karnataka State Seed Corporation. Sometimes due to agroclimatic conditions, seeds may not be viable.