I am 22 year old, and a Software Engineer in bangalore, earning 25000 INR per month. I am very much interested in Agriculture.Is it safe to quit my job and come to Agriculture(Profit wise)?- Abhishek H
Krishikannada Team
We appreciate your interest in Agriculture. It all depends how much land you have and what crops you want to grow. This again depends on the area (coastal, malnad or dry areas). You can call us at 97394 53236 and we can discuss in detail.

We don't know since how long you have been in the job. If you were so much interested in Agriculture,you should have opted for it if you had inherited lands. What is the use having done a professional course and going back to agriculture. Although your desire is appreciate to some extent: we don't encourage you to quit your job. The reason is whatever illusions you have about the agriculture, in reality it is not so.One can not expect the returns overnight or instant. Since you have a secure job continue with that. To fulfil your wish, start thinking about your plans and explore ways to execute them. Under any circumstances do not quit the job.You can operate even while in the service.