Information Search (continued)

The state of Karnataka has rich agricultural heritage and farmers of the state have excelled all spheres of agriculture comparable to agriculturists in any part of the world. Since two decades, media houses in the state are very active and have successfully disseminated the achievements of farmers in addition to the information from various extension agencies.

Magazines such as Adike Patrike, Madhu Prapancha from Puttur, Sujatha Sanchike from Mangalore, Sahaja Saguvali, Hittalagida from Bangalore, Siri Samruddhi from Tiptur, Jalasiri from Tumkur, weeklies such as Sudha and Taranga, agricultural columns in Prajavani, Udayavani, Kannadaprabha and Hosadigantha dailies are disseminating down to earth, practical agricultural information to the farmers. Radio stations and Kannada news channels have also equally contributed to the diffusion of useful agricultural information.

However, this enormous information base present in Kannada language is not available at one place. In fact, this information is scattered and/or available only at a specific time period. Realizing this, we developed the information search module.

Range of information present in this site:

Do you know- the place in Karnataka where paddy is cultivated in 5-6 ft deep mushy soil? Top ten deserts of Karnataka? Monkeys being deceived (!) by a kind of wild banana? Coconut jelly, Milking machine invented by a farmer, Yam bean, Heddur Brinjal, Hottest chilly of the world, Ready to eat tender jackfruit, How to induce fruiting in Lemon.. .. ..

The information base in the website sourced from media of the state has all these interesting issues in addition to farmer friendly, down to earth usable tips and technologies. In essence, Seed, soil and water conservation, Unique traditional varieties, Improved breeds, Soil fertility management, Diversified farming, Organic farming, Pest and disease management, Value addition, Farmer innovations, Debate on various issues of agriculture sector, Books, Home remedies, Forum for exchange of seeds and plants, New research findings etc. are some of the subjects for which you can find information here.
You can do single or combination search based on crop, subject, region, year of publication, author, source of publication etc.