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Multi-pronged use of this website:

  1. Village panchayats, libraries and community centers can utilize this website effectively for dissemination of agricultural information
  2. The information provided in this site is amenable for validation. Any comments, suggestions and modifications pertaining to a write up can be sent to us. We will continuously update the information.
  3. This website can be accessed through mobile.  We have plans for providing facility to send information via SMS to your friend/s using this website.
  4. Researchers can use this site for review of literature of a topic, which helps in addressing location specific problems. This often does not happen in agricultural research. Generally, researchers rely on foreign literature and hence there is a total neglect of local knowledge.  The research results will be more meaningful to the farmers and other stakeholders if researchers build on the knowledge accumulated in this soil by referring this website.
  5. Journalists can access all their write ups published in various media and this helps in easy publication of books and booklets.
  6. Further, any writer can evaluate his performance both in terms of quality (based on the journal published) and quantity over a period of time.
  7. You may get new ideas of use when you start using this web space. Please let us know