About this Site

This bilingual portal is for Karnataka state’s unique agricultural knowledge and information exchange! Being a NON PROFIT initiative, the website has different user friendly modules to achieve the goal of sharing agricultural information. As of now, we have conceptualized the following modules. Some of them are under construction. More modules can be incorporated based on the requirements of the users.

Information Search:

This module is built with voluminous agricultural information generated by farmers of Karnataka state in India and disseminated in Kannada language  by various media houses in text, audio and video formats since two decades. We intend to periodically update this site with the inflow of information from you and news agencies.Read More.. [Top]    

e-Market network:

This e-forum is for exchange of information regarding agricultural produce at village, taluk, district levels among farmers, buyers and consumers of the state of Karnataka. We also plan to provide information of farmers and other stakeholders at the international level in near future.Read More.. [Top]    

Question and Answer:

This is a facility where specific questions of the users may be answered by the moderator and/ or experts and/or other users.[Top]    

Photo and Video Gallery:

Instead of more generic versions such as in google, here particular photos and videos pertaining to agricultural practices of Karnataka including rich cultural and ritual linkages can be accessed in a categorized manner. Users can upload photos and videos. [Top]    

Farmers’ Directory:

A place to access farmers’ addresses and crops grown including their expertise [Top]    

Scientists’ Directory:

A place to access scientists’ addresses and crops grown including their expertise. You can search  agricultural  scientists  by their expertise, location or institute in this module and contact them[Top]    

Agri Journalists’ Directory:

Here one can access agricultural Journalists’ addresses along with their area of specialization.[Top]    

Traditional Food Database:

Karnataka state boasts of immense diversity in traditional food types, preparations and resources based on different regions. This is inextricably linked to crops grown in those areas. Here we provide the most important recipes in a searchable interface. Very common recipes are not included for obvious reasons. [Top]    

Chatting Room:

A truly interactive site should offer the possibility of real time communication online. This facility aims at ‘One to one’ and ‘One to many” real time discussion online related to various aspects of agriculture. We are planning to provide this service in near future. [Top]    

Identification of Pest and Diseases:

One of the most pressing needs of farmers is the identification of pest and diseases. Here one can upload photos of affected parts of plants and experts will identify and offer remedial measures. [Top]    

Plant Identification :

People from different walks of life will be curious to know about plants around them. However, accurate identification of a plant is the major problem. This is further aggravated by numerous vernacular names leading to confusion. This module helps in solving this.[Top]